Masterpress announces major production capacity expansion by 40%

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At Masterpress, we are proud to announce a pivotal expansion that marks a nearly 40% increase in our production capacity. This milestone is a reflection of our commitment to meet the growing demand for high-quality, decorative, and functional printed packaging solutions that stand out from the crowd across key European regions.

With significant investments at our Białystok facility, we have introduced two new sleeve printing machines, enhancing our output by approximately 16 million square meters annually. This expansion not only addresses the current customer demand in France, the DACH region, and BENELUX but also lays the groundwork for future growth.

“At Masterpress, we strive to be a manufacturer that can be relied upon, that is constantly improving and that actively responds to the individual needs of each customer,” said Jeroen de Haan, general manager of Masterpress. “For the last 27 years, and since the early beginnings of the company, we have endeavored to partner closely with our customers, seeking to provide tailored, creative and functional printed decorative packaging solutions that help their products stand out from the crowd.”

The new 12-station and 14-station hybrid printing machines not only enhance our creative capabilities but also boast energy-efficient UV LED drying and the capacity to print on films as thin as 12 microns, driving us towards more sustainable packaging solutions.

We are also delighted to welcome Erwann Paugam to the Masterpress team as the new Sales Director. Bringing a wealth of expertise in the shrink sleeve industry, Erwann is set to be a cornerstone in our strategy to fortify our presence in Europe.

As we project our growth into the future, our ambition is clear: to double our revenue in the next 5 to 10 years and to strengthen our physical presence within European markets. This aligns with our vision to deliver unmatched value to our customers through creative, reliable, and functional decorative printed packaging solutions.

Our inventive and “designed-for-recycling” packaging products have been widely recognized by industry across Europe. The most recent accolades include two AWA Alexander Watson Associates Sleeve Label Awards. Masterpress’ TINE 300g Dairy Cup Sleeve produced for TINE SA won in the Environmental Winner category, and Żubrówka Black Limited-Edition packaging created for CEDC International was recognized as the Best of Show packaging.

Together, we are setting new standards for excellence and sustainability in the packaging industry.

Project entitled Implementation of the R&D Findings Leading to the Production of unique shrink sleeve labels with innovative perforation and effective convex and tactile printing under Measure 3.2 Support for R&D results implementation,and Sub-measure 3.2.1 Research for the market of the Intelligent Development Operational Programme, 2014-2020