Wine & Spirits

It’s more than a label, it’s your brand. Let our wide range of label solutions help you stand out on the shelf and bring your vision to life.

Brand identity and packaging with a strong shelf appeal are extremely important factors within the wine and spirits industry. In addition, the labels must have a premium look and feel. With our labels alcohol bottles will instantaneously grab the consumers’ attention, draw the brand out when on the shelf and connect with the buyers, engaging their emotions and senses.

 It is a challenging task Masterpress is always happy to take on. Our team of experienced label specialists will closely work with you throughout the whole labelling project, from the design stage to the final product. Masterpress knows how to create premium labels by carefully selecting the right substrates, inks, embellishments, and printing process combined with years of experience and “know how” to create outstanding, visually impactful, award winning labels. We will help you, your brands and your products achieve the goals you are after.