manufacturing standards

food safety production process

As a responsible and conscientious company, we take great pride in adhering to strict manufacturing standards to ensure the safety and quality of our products. Our commitment to excellence is reflected in our adherence to internationally recognized standards, including the ISO 22000 FSSC and FSC certification.


ISO 22000 FSSC is a comprehensive food safety management system that focuses on identifying and controlling potential hazards in the food production process. This certification requires us to implement strict protocols for hygiene, sanitation, and quality control to ensure that our products are safe for food-contact packaging.


The FSC certification, on the other hand, is a rigorous sustainability standard that focuses on responsible forest management practices. This certification ensures that the wood used in our products comes from well-managed forests that meet strict environmental, social, and economic standards.


By implementing these manufacturing standards, we are demonstrating our commitment to delivering safe, high-quality products while also being responsible stewards of the environment. We take our responsibility seriously and will continue to uphold these standards to ensure the satisfaction and trust of our customers.