Tea solutions

Tea tags are important elements to the tea-drinking experience for the consumer, as the tags provide information about the tea flavour and the brand.

In an era of high public awareness, tea producers not only provide a selected essence of taste, but must also ensure that their products are safe for both consumers and the environment. Masterpress tea tag have been developed and approved by independent laboratories for food contact while being resistant to boiling water, eliminating any potential risks if the tea tag drops into the tea.

Our tea tag solutions are produced with plant-based or compostable, biodegradable materials and derived from renewable resources printed with inks which allow the consumer to also home compost the tea tag without releasing harmful substances, as the tags do not contain heavy metals content over allowed limits.
With the ability to print our labels up to 10 colours combined with embellishments such as varnishes or even fully readable QR codes, Masterpress tea tag solutions are a perfect choice to help tea brands promote their quality and safety with earth-friendly solutions.