masterpress solutions

for shrink label technology

  • shrink sleeves applicators

    Proprietary solutions of devices for the application of shrink sleeve labels (applicators) tailored to the customer’s needs. Made in Poland of stainless steel, which allows them to be used in the food, chemical and pharmaceutical industries. They are characterized by reliability and high quality of application with a capacity of up to 400 pcs/min.

  • steam tunnels

    We design and build glazed steam shrink tunnels for shrink sleeve label used in industry and in particular in the FMCG industry. The use of glass packages in the door allows you to observe the course of the shrinking process. Reliability and ease of use allow for full control of the steam environment.

  • dryers (air knives)

    A devices used for drying containers on production lines. It removes moisure from the packaging surface created by shrinking in the steam tunnel and avoids packaging and storage problems.

    Devices used to dry containers on production lines. The air stream produced by the dehumidifier removes moisture from the surface of the packaging, which is formed in the process of shrinking in the steam tunnel, and allows you to avoid problems with packaging and storage of products.


  • robotic stations

    We implement robotic workstation projects that contribute to increasing line efficiency, work reliability and eliminate monotonous and repetitive work, as well as increase employee safety. We provide after-sales care, periodic inspections, line service, as well as assistance in emergency situations.

  • optional applicator equipment

    We offer optional equipment for applicators that are used in the process of applying heat-shrinkable labels: label stopper, perforation module, module for making an additional break on the label and a label positioning device, as well as solutions used for duopack application.

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