Masterpress Earns Double Recognition with AWA Sleeve Label Awards

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We are very proud to announce our recent achievements with two prestigious AWA Sleeve Label Awards, recognizing excellence in label printing for two products: the TINE 300g Dairy Cup Sleeve for TINE and the Żubrówka Black Limited-Edition packaging for CEDC.

TINE 300g Dairy Cup Sleeve

The judging criteria for the AWA Sleeve Label Award focused on various aspects of the printing process, including registration, color complexity, and graphic alignment. Our combination of printing methods allowed us to achieve superior results and exceptional print quality.

Our TINE 300g Dairy Cup Sleeve sets a new standard for sustainable packaging. This label is more than just visually appealing; it aligns with the concept of “designed-for-recycling” packaging set by RecyClass. The innovation lies in our choice of materials. By using a low-density polyolefin shrink sleeve material, we’ve created a “mono-material-like” solution that facilitates proper identification and recycling of the cups in the correct polymer stream.

Our journey to sustainability didn’t stop there. We initially developed the sleeve with polyolefin 50µ but transitioned to 45µ, effectively reducing the material used. By reducing the amount of material in the sleeve, we’ve lowered the carbon footprint and taken a significant step towards eco-friendlier packaging solutions. We’re proving that shrink sleeves can be a “good-for-recycling” solution, addressing the growing concerns about single-use plastic waste. Label for the limited edition of Żubrówka Czarna.

Our second award-winning proposal is a limited edition shrink sleeve label for Zubrowka Black

Hybrid printing technology allowed us to achieve exceptionally detailed and clear gold elements on a deep, elegant black background creating a stunning visual effect that makes the limited edition Zubrowka Black stand out on the shelf.

Our shrink label, that design was inspired by the crystal-clear water from the springs of the Bialowieza Forest and the oak charcoal filtration process, depicts metallic winter plants and snowflakes with extraordinary precision. 

As an added bonus, our sleeve features perfectly spaced and almost invisible perforations, making it easy to remove the label before recycling the glass bottle.

Why These Entries Deserve to Win:

Every brand seeks to distinguish itself through packaging, with the goal of connecting with consumers through their visual senses and quality. The TINE 300g Dairy Cup Sleeve and Żubrówka Black Limited Edition beautifully achieve this goal.

“We are honored to have our work recognized, and it inspires us to continue pushing the boundaries of label design and application” – said Waldemar Zdrodowski, CEO of Masterpress.

The AWA International Sleeve Label Awards 2023 – Alexander Watson Associates