Recent EcoVadis improvement to Silver aligns with company’s commitment to 42% Scope 1 & 2 GHG reduction target by 2030 as approved by SBTi

We signed the commitment letter to join the Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi). With a resolute focus on ethical and sustainable growth, the company aims to significantly curtail greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, aligning with efforts to limit global temperature rise to 1.5°C above pre-industrial levels.

“By committing to set a roadmap for science-based emissions reduction targets within the SBTi, Masterpress is joining thousands of companies worldwide that believe we are all responsible and able to make a positive contribution to the health of our planet”, said Jeroen de Haan, general manager of Masterpress. “We aim to reduce our Scope 1 and 2 GHG emissions by 42% by 2030 from a base year of 2022 by improving the footprint of our own operations and by reducing the environmental footprint of our decorative packaging products for our end customers.”

Over the next couple of years, Masterpress will be working closely with the SBTi to validate its GHG emissions reduction roadmap for Scope 1 and 2 emissions aligned with the Paris Agreement which sets the goal of limiting global warming to 1.5°C. In addition, Masterpress will also work with SBTi to develop its Scope 3 GHG emissions target during this period.

“Importantly, this is not the beginning of a journey for Masterpress, where we have for many years been innovating with new, sustainable, recyclable products and materials on the market”, continued Jeroen de Haan. “But you cannot improve what you don’t measure. We have done and are doing a lot in this area, for example applying technologies to reduce packaging weight and film thickness, reducing the use of virgin plastic, and continually investing in energy-efficient equipment. We are committed to maintaining transparency in our actions and over the coming months, Masterpress will submit a concrete roadmap to SBTi for validation, further solidifying our commitment to sustainability.”

Masterpress acknowledges that packaging’s future lies in adopting the optimal materials and technologies, each contributing to environmental impact reduction therefore places great emphasis on the expanding of the research and development (R&D) lab to test and trial new sustainable products and solutions. For example, some of the actions Masterpress is taking to address this challenge:

In a testament to its commitment to sustainability, Masterpress recently received EcoVadis Silver Certification demonstrating an improvement in the company’s sustainability management system rising from Bronze to Silver. This recognition places Masterpress among the top 15% of companies worldwide that meet strict sustainability criteria across four categories: Environment, Labor & Human Rights, Ethics, and Sustainable Procurement.

About SBTi: Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi) is an independent global body enabling businesses to set and validate emissions reduction targets in line with the latest climate science and strict criteria. The initiative is a collaboration between CDP, the United Nations Global Compact, World Resources Institute (WRI) and the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) and one of the We Mean Business Coalition commitments. Targets are considered “science-based” if they are in line with what the latest climate science deems necessary to meet the goals of the Paris Agreement – limiting global warming to well-below 2°C above pre-industrial levels and pursuing efforts to limit warming to 1.5°C. For more information, please visit

We are thrilled to announce our participation at the upcoming Warsaw Pack trade fair, scheduled to take place from April 23rd to April 25th, 2024, in Nadarzyn near Warsaw.Join us at booth E2.02B to experience firsthand our cutting-edge machinery designed for applying shrink sleeve labels. We will be also showcasing our shrink sleeve labels, PSL labels, and solutions for tea products like sachets and biodegradable tea tags.

Warsaw Pack is not just about showcasing products—it is about fostering connections and driving collaboration. We invite you to join us for insightful discussions, live demonstrations, and exclusive networking opportunities. Whether you’re a seasoned industry professional or just starting your journey in packaging, there’s something for everyone at our booth.

Don’t miss this chance to explore the future of packaging with Masterpress SA. Mark your calendars and make sure to visit us at Warsaw Pack. We look forward to seeing you there!

We are pleased to announce that Masterpress has been awarded the esteemed EcoVadis Silver certification. This recognition places us among the elite 15% of companies worldwide that meet stringent sustainability criteria.

This accomplishment underscores our dedication to continuous improvement and advancement. Transitioning from bronze to silver reflects our ongoing pursuit of enhancing our environmental performance and upholding responsible business practices.

As we move forward, we remain focused on driving positive change and setting new standards for sustainability within our industry. Thank you for your continued support as we pursue a more sustainable future.

By adding new state-of-the-art, full-scale printing press to the R&D Lab, Masterpress advances the development of new products and facilitates tests of future shrink sleeve, self-adhesive labels and other packaging technologies and materials in simulated production environment.

Masterpress, a leading European provider of printed decorative packaging solutions, announced it expanded the research and development (R&D) lab adjacent to its manufacturing operations in Białystok, Poland. By integrating a bespoke and full-scale printing press dedicated exclusively for R&D purposes, Masterpress is taking a significant step in accelerating innovation within the shrink sleeve and self-adhesive label industry and is well positioned to accelerate the commercialisation of new, sustainable, recyclable products and materials on the market.

“Expanding R&D capabilities is fundamental for us as it fulfils our commitment to continuously enhance our products and services,” said Jeroen de Haan, general manager of Masterpress. “The shrink sleeve and packaging industry evolves, and to progress we must use cutting-edge technologies, test and trial new products, solutions and materials faster and more effectively.”

The new printing press will serve as a versatile tool for research and development across various product groups. Offering flexibility in trying new printing techniques on a scale simulating actual production, without the need to wait for a gap in the regular production schedules, the press allows Masterpress to significantly speed up new product development processes and time-to-market.  

“The R&D press enables us to be a much more agile and effective development partner for our customers, quickly turning their creative vision into real product samples. This also improves our collaboration with our suppliers, bringing in the capability to test and trial their new inks or materials before they enter the market,” said Katarzyna Wasilewska, research and development manager at Masterpress.

Masterpress Research and Development Commitment

Masterpress has been consistently investing in its R&D laboratory for over a decade. Along with the new printing press, the research and development laboratory in Białystok is equipped with state-of-the art tools allowing for precise testing of substrate strength, slip and friction as well as simulate resistance of the various products to temperature, solar or shop-floor light.

“By expanding our R&D capabilities we take another step in the long-term growth strategy of Masterpress. We want to drive the market forward with sustainable development and help the label industry to be seen as a positive contributor offering “good-for-recycling” solutions.” 

Masterpress’ inventive and “designed-for-recycling” packaging products have been widely recognized by the industry across Europe. The most recent accolade includes the AWA Alexander Watson Associates Sleeve Label Award  in the Environmental Winner category for the TINE 300g Dairy Cup Sleeve.

“Expansion of R&D infrastructure for the implementation of product and process innovations.”

At Masterpress, we are proud to announce a pivotal expansion that marks a nearly 40% increase in our production capacity. This milestone is a reflection of our commitment to meet the growing demand for high-quality, decorative, and functional printed packaging solutions that stand out from the crowd across key European regions.

With significant investments at our Białystok facility, we have introduced two new sleeve printing machines, enhancing our output by approximately 16 million square meters annually. This expansion not only addresses the current customer demand in France, the DACH region, and BENELUX but also lays the groundwork for future growth.

“At Masterpress, we strive to be a manufacturer that can be relied upon, that is constantly improving and that actively responds to the individual needs of each customer,” said Jeroen de Haan, general manager of Masterpress. “For the last 27 years, and since the early beginnings of the company, we have endeavored to partner closely with our customers, seeking to provide tailored, creative and functional printed decorative packaging solutions that help their products stand out from the crowd.”

The new 12-station and 14-station hybrid printing machines not only enhance our creative capabilities but also boast energy-efficient UV LED drying and the capacity to print on films as thin as 12 microns, driving us towards more sustainable packaging solutions.

We are also delighted to welcome Erwann Paugam to the Masterpress team as the new Sales Director. Bringing a wealth of expertise in the shrink sleeve industry, Erwann is set to be a cornerstone in our strategy to fortify our presence in Europe.

As we project our growth into the future, our ambition is clear: to double our revenue in the next 5 to 10 years and to strengthen our physical presence within European markets. This aligns with our vision to deliver unmatched value to our customers through creative, reliable, and functional decorative printed packaging solutions.

Our inventive and “designed-for-recycling” packaging products have been widely recognized by industry across Europe. The most recent accolades include two AWA Alexander Watson Associates Sleeve Label Awards. Masterpress’ TINE 300g Dairy Cup Sleeve produced for TINE SA won in the Environmental Winner category, and Żubrówka Black Limited-Edition packaging created for CEDC International was recognized as the Best of Show packaging.

Together, we are setting new standards for excellence and sustainability in the packaging industry.

Project entitled Implementation of the R&D Findings Leading to the Production of unique shrink sleeve labels with innovative perforation and effective convex and tactile printing under Measure 3.2 Support for R&D results implementation,and Sub-measure 3.2.1 Research for the market of the Intelligent Development Operational Programme, 2014-2020

We are very proud to announce our recent achievements with two prestigious AWA Sleeve Label Awards, recognizing excellence in label printing for two products: the TINE 300g Dairy Cup Sleeve for TINE and the Żubrówka Black Limited-Edition packaging for CEDC.

TINE 300g Dairy Cup Sleeve

The judging criteria for the AWA Sleeve Label Award focused on various aspects of the printing process, including registration, color complexity, and graphic alignment. Our combination of printing methods allowed us to achieve superior results and exceptional print quality.

Our TINE 300g Dairy Cup Sleeve sets a new standard for sustainable packaging. This label is more than just visually appealing; it aligns with the concept of “designed-for-recycling” packaging set by RecyClass. The innovation lies in our choice of materials. By using a low-density polyolefin shrink sleeve material, we’ve created a “mono-material-like” solution that facilitates proper identification and recycling of the cups in the correct polymer stream.

Our journey to sustainability didn’t stop there. We initially developed the sleeve with polyolefin 50µ but transitioned to 45µ, effectively reducing the material used. By reducing the amount of material in the sleeve, we’ve lowered the carbon footprint and taken a significant step towards eco-friendlier packaging solutions. We’re proving that shrink sleeves can be a “good-for-recycling” solution, addressing the growing concerns about single-use plastic waste. Label for the limited edition of Żubrówka Czarna.

Our second award-winning proposal is a limited edition shrink sleeve label for Zubrowka Black

Hybrid printing technology allowed us to achieve exceptionally detailed and clear gold elements on a deep, elegant black background creating a stunning visual effect that makes the limited edition Zubrowka Black stand out on the shelf.

Our shrink label, that design was inspired by the crystal-clear water from the springs of the Bialowieza Forest and the oak charcoal filtration process, depicts metallic winter plants and snowflakes with extraordinary precision. 

As an added bonus, our sleeve features perfectly spaced and almost invisible perforations, making it easy to remove the label before recycling the glass bottle.

Why These Entries Deserve to Win:

Every brand seeks to distinguish itself through packaging, with the goal of connecting with consumers through their visual senses and quality. The TINE 300g Dairy Cup Sleeve and Żubrówka Black Limited Edition beautifully achieve this goal.

“We are honored to have our work recognized, and it inspires us to continue pushing the boundaries of label design and application” – said Waldemar Zdrodowski, CEO of Masterpress.

The AWA International Sleeve Label Awards 2023 – Alexander Watson Associates

We’re thrilled to announce that Masterpress has been recognized with the award of “Best Employer 2023” by the Polish Chapter of the Social Responsibility Leaders Program. This recognition reflects our commitment to developing and building good relationships with employees and creating a workplace that values the knowledgeable contributions and printed packaging expertise of ours.

“We are very proud to receive this award, confirming that our efforts to create a friendly, open, and diverse workplace conducive to employee development are being noticed and appreciated. From the beginning of the company, our employees have been our greatest asset. I hope each of them knows that they can grow with us, talk openly with us and fulfill their professional ambitions” – said Waldemar Zdrodowski, CEO of Masterpress in an article for Business Forum.

At Masterpress, our employees are at the heart of everything we do. We believe in investing in their growth, providing professional support, and creating an environment that encourages creativity and inventiveness. Our success is a result of their dedication, and this recognition reaffirms our commitment to their well-being and professional development.

Read more (PL):

We are thrilled to announce that Masterpress SA is a proud sponsor of the upcoming AWA International Sleeve Label Conference & Exhibition 2023. Our commitment to supporting cutting-edge technology initiatives and environmentally sustainable solutions within the shrink sleeve industry has driven us to join hands with this prestigious event.

The AWA International Sleeve Label Conference & Exhibition has always been a significant milestone in the sleeve label industry calendar, and this 17th edition is poised to be truly exceptional. The theme, “Connecting the Shrink Sleeve Labeling Industry,” resonates deeply with our mission to foster innovation, growth, and sustainability through collaboration and knowledge sharing.

Here’s a sneak peek at what you can expect from this event:

Market & Industry Insights: Explore the latest trends, market developments, and best practices that are shaping the sleeve label industry. Prepare to be inspired by informative presentations and a thought-provoking keynote speech.

Technology & Developments: Dive into the cutting-edge solutions, innovations, and industry developments that are revolutionizing the sleeve labeling landscape. Engage in discussions with experts who will share their insights, challenges, and success stories.

Sustainability & The Future: At AWA, sustainability is at the forefront of our agenda. Join us in exploring eco-friendly materials, recycling initiatives, and circular economy solutions, and discover the latest strategies for minimizing environmental impact.

Connecting with Brand Owners: Gain invaluable insights from brand owners themselves as they share their perspectives, challenges, and expectations. This unique opportunity to hear directly from brand owners will provide a fresh perspective for all participants.

AWA Sleeve Awards: Celebrate excellence as we honor exceptional achievements, groundbreaking innovations, and remarkable contributions within the sleeve label sector. Be inspired by the remarkable work shaping our industry.

Don’t miss this unparalleled opportunity to stay ahead of the curve and establish lasting connections with industry leaders. Secure your spot today and be part of the future of sleeve labeling!

Join us in connecting professionals from across the sleeve label value chain. Sign up today and be a part of this exciting journey!

Register now

We are glad to announce that Masterpress received the RecyClasss Letter of Compatibility “design for recycling” when using our shrink sleeve solution on dairy cups. Our sleeve label applied onto a PP cup, has been awarded a positive recyclability assessment from the RecyClass association.

We submitted our packaging solution for assessment by Suez.circpack®. The tests were conducted according to RecyClass methodology.

Following the performed tests, Masterpress was granted a “Letter of Conformity”, confirming that the assessed product met the requirements of compatibility with readily available sorting and recycling technologies commonly used at industrial scale in the recycling sector in Europe. It means that during the recycling process the cup will be directed straight to the rigid polypropylene fraction recovery stream, without the need of prior removal of the sleeve.

The solution developed by Masterpress is environmentally friendly and fits well with the principles of circular economy.

We are proud to announce that as of June, 2021, Masterpress has had its own apiary of 6 hives. The bee houses have been located on an undeveloped, grassy piece of the company’s grounds, several dozen meters from Masterpress’ production facility. The location of the hives ensures the safety of employees on the one hand and on the other hand will guarantee that insects will not be disturbed. Additionally, a board with information on the apiary, bees and safety rules will be placed in the vicinity. The hives have been provided by local beekeeper, who will also take care of the bee families.

Urban beekeeping has been undergoing a dynamic development in recent years. And that is very good, as bees are a crucial element of our whole ecosystem. The accumulated experience and scientific research have proven that urban environment excellently suits honey bees. Through an intensive pollination of flowers the bees contribute to improving the urban flora, trees in particular. Insects that live in urban areas are not threatened by the harmful effects of pesticides and other chemical sprays, which is often the case in rural areas. They also benefit from the air temperature, which is usually slightly higher in cities. The city bees do not have to fiercely compete with other insects for access to flower nectar, which translates into relatively high honey production and other apiculture products.

Masterpress’ local beekeeping initiative is an expression of our employees’ concern for the natural environment and, at the same time, an effect of the company’s wide perspective on the sustainable development strategy, which perfectly fits into the company’s value system. This way we also show that even such localized, small-scale positive initiatives can have a greater effect on the society at large.