Protecting the environment – Masterpress receives FSC® CoC certificate

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We are very pleased to announce that Masterpress has received the FSC® Chain of Custody certificate. The certificate applies to the purchase of unprinted self-adhesive paper labels which have been certified in the „FSC Mix” or „FSC Recycled” category and the sale of already printed certified labels.  

Masterpress has been consistently carrying out a sustainable development strategy for many years based on the principles of corporate social and environmental responsibility. We are implementing such principles in our day-to-day work, e.g., by rationally managing the use of natural resources, applying modern technological solutions which facilitate more efficient consumption of water and energy, or reducing harmful emissions to the environmentMasterpress decision to undergo the demanding FSC® certification procedure is another step within our sustainable development strategy 

Our FSC® certificate translates to practical benefits for Masterpress, our business partners, as well as the natural environment. Above all, it ensures that FSC®-certified self-adhesive labels are made of raw materials legally sourced and processed in a supply chain that complies with FSC standards. This means that the paper in our labels has been made either from wood that comes from responsibly managed forests or from recycled material. This is our way of taking care of woodland ecosystems and protecting the vitality and biological resources of forested areas. In doing so, we contribute to preventing adverse climate change on our planet.  


About FSC®

FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council®) is an international non-profit organization that promotes responsible management for the world’s forests. It has also established a system for the certification of forests and wood and paper products. The FSC® system is one of the most reliable global forest certification systems, officially recognized by world’s leading environmental organizations.  

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