Masterpress receives prestigious Certificate of Merit

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Masterpress was presented the AWA International Sleeve Label Awards 2020 certificate for the label of the limited edition Stock Prestige Grand Prix.

About Stock Grand Prix shrink sleeve

The inspiration for the black bottle was the Grand Prix races, events often associated with luxury and exclusiveness. Checkered Flags and sport tires are elements representative of racing events, and these were focal elements to integrate in the graphic design of the sleeve label. Masterpress’ hybrid print technology was employed to produce the rubber-like effect of tires onto the shrink sleeve labels. Through experience and modified print techniques, our expert R&D team succeeded in obtaining the deep black color and improved scratch resistance for the soft-touch matte texture of the label’s surface, which imitate the look and feel of smooth rubber.

AWA Sleeve Label Awards 2020 presentation video

AWA Sleeve Label Awards 2020 from AWA Alexander Watson Associates on Vimeo.