Masterpress Creates a Mono-Material Dairy Cup Solution

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Masterpress is a printed packaging solution provider to many international and regional brands, and we are committed to helping our customers solve their sustainability in packaging challenges.

In 2019, Masterpress developed a decorated PP cup solution designed for recycling and validated the development externally last year with TOMRA Germany. The test was conducted to verify that cups with Masterpress shrink sleeves would be identified as a mono-material rigid PP solution, a critical step to properly sort the plastic containers into the appropriate recycling stream. The test was performed on the TOMRA AUTOSORT machine with a belt operating speed 3 m / s. According to the TOMRA report, Masterpress shrink sleeves on a PP cup is detected as mono-material rigid PP.

Pic. TOMRA tests result (source TR_20200127_TOMRA_Masterpress)

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