Masterpress cares for the environment and supports honey bees

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We are proud to announce that as of June, 2021, Masterpress has had its own apiary of 6 hives. The bee houses have been located on an undeveloped, grassy piece of the company’s grounds, several dozen meters from Masterpress’ production facility. The location of the hives ensures the safety of employees on the one hand and on the other hand will guarantee that insects will not be disturbed. Additionally, a board with information on the apiary, bees and safety rules will be placed in the vicinity. The hives have been provided by local beekeeper, who will also take care of the bee families.

Urban beekeeping has been undergoing a dynamic development in recent years. And that is very good, as bees are a crucial element of our whole ecosystem. The accumulated experience and scientific research have proven that urban environment excellently suits honey bees. Through an intensive pollination of flowers the bees contribute to improving the urban flora, trees in particular. Insects that live in urban areas are not threatened by the harmful effects of pesticides and other chemical sprays, which is often the case in rural areas. They also benefit from the air temperature, which is usually slightly higher in cities. The city bees do not have to fiercely compete with other insects for access to flower nectar, which translates into relatively high honey production and other apiculture products.

Masterpress’ local beekeeping initiative is an expression of our employees’ concern for the natural environment and, at the same time, an effect of the company’s wide perspective on the sustainable development strategy, which perfectly fits into the company’s value system. This way we also show that even such localized, small-scale positive initiatives can have a greater effect on the society at large.

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