Shrink sleeves applicators

  • MP-100 – up to 100 pcs/min
  • MP-200 – up to 200 pcs/min
  • MP-300 – up to 300 pcs/min
  • MP-400 – up to 400 pcs/min

The main technical data:

– controlled by a multiprocessor system and driven by servo-motors – Mitsubishi or Siemens
– user-friendly software and a touch screen interface
– internet connectivity for remote diagnostics and troubleshooting
– full control of the line for application and shrinking
– internal or external unwinder
– operating mode: automatic and manual
– support for label buffer, container buffer and shrink tunel
– quick and easy change of the label form
– efficiency: up to 6 000 – 24 000 pcs/h (up to 100 – 400 pcs/min) depending on the type of applicator and dependent on the type of container
– type of material used: rPET, low-density PET, PET, OPS, PVC
– material thickness: 30 μm – 60 μm


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Standard container size for applications

label unwinders

The label unwinder is standard equipment of the applicator. It is a kind of label magazine that ensures smooth feeding of labels during application. Various configurations of label unwinders are used depending on the type of applicator and its efficiency. Label unwinders with a single or double label unwinding station are used for MP-100 and MP-200 applicators with lower capacity. In the MP-300 and MP-400 applicators, it is recommended to use unwinders with a double unwinding station and a label buffer. The use of a label buffer ensures that the roll can be replaced without interrupting the application.

  • Internal unwinder with single label unwinding station

  • External unwinder with dual label unwinding station

  • External unwinder with dual label unwinding station and a label buffer

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