We design and build robotic stations

We offer:

– stations for palletizing, depalletizg, mixing, pick and place processes
– design of a suitable gripper for the customer’s product
– connection of the robotic station with the customer’s line
– suport for vision systems
– assessment of the risk of the position and minimization of potential threats

We design and build robotic stations using components of the world’s largest suppliers: Fanuc, Keyence, Schunk, Piab, Troax, Siemens, Pilz.

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  • Bottle orientation system

    – maximum capacity up to 80 pcs / min

    –  the gripper is adapted to the customer’s product

    – the maximum weight of the oriented container – 1 kg

    – full communication integration with the production line

    – simple and intuitive operation

  • Product Mixing Station

    – mixing different flavors in trays

    – attaching topers to containers

    – optimization of production space

    – speed and repeatability of operation

    – possibility of a wide choice of container capacities

    – high technological and hygenic standards

  • Palletizing station

    – precise execution of operations

    – variety of designs on the palette

    – optimization of production space

    repeatabillity and speed of operations

    – abillity to work in harmful conditions

    – high technological and hygenic standards

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