• label stopper – a device for positioning labels stoper

    A partial shrink label positioning device is an optional accessory for the applicator. It allows you to orient the label to a specific height of the container. Optimizing the size of the label contributes to the cost savings of the raw material and reduces energy consumption in the shrinking process.

  • perforation module

    The perforation module is an optional accessory for the shrink label applicator.

    The product is protected against opening by using a sleeve on the container closure. The perforation of the shrink sleeve allows easy removal of the security seal from the container.

  • shrink sleeve label positioning system

    The shrink label positioning module is an optional accessory for the applicator. Used to position the shrink sleeve label relative to the container when it is necessary to adjust the sleeve break to the shape of the container.

  • the module to perform an additional breaking of the label

    The module is an optional element of the applicator. Making an additional break on the shrink sleeve label facilitates the application of the sleeve to the containers.

  • duopack application solutions for two-pack applications

    A specially designed mandrel and a product separation system allows the sleeve to be applied to duopacks.