e-commerce bag

Masterpress e-commerce bag is made of kraft paper, therefore, recyclable in existing paper streams. The sustainable alternative to plastic mailers. It’s perfect for shipping non-sensitive items, such as fashion and accessories.

easy open and return recyclable packaging:

  • double self-adhesive strip for convenient returns
  • easy-open perforation
  • large opening – easy to pack the products
  • from 0 up to 18cm bottom – adjustable for many applications
  • adjust itself to the shape of the content inside – lower transport cost and CO2 emission
  • made of sack kraft paper – high strength + easy recycled

unique advantages for fulfilment centres:

  • perfect for replacing plastic bags for online shopping
  • faster packaging process
  • robust yet renewable, recyclable and biodegradable
  • flexible formats – various dimensions and features available

How it works?