IML for dairy products

Are you looking for a packaging solution for your products that is durable, can withstand harsh external conditions, is eco-friendly and looks awesome at the same time? In-mold labels may be just the right choice for you. 

IML is a labeling method where the printed label is permanently integrated with the substrate at a container production stage in a fast, time-saving, one-step process.

The advantages of IML:

  • Durable, moisture and temperature proof, scratch resistant
  • Recycling-friendly – the label and container are mono-material and no adhesive is used, so containers can be fully recycled after use. In addition, in-mold labels can be digitally watermarked for improved recyclability
  • They suit any container shape
  • They can be 360° printed with photo quality, high definition, multi-color graphics with embellishments and surface texture options (glossy, matte, coarse, soft to the touch) for an outstanding shelf-impact


Why you should consider using IML:

  • IML saves your time –labeling stage is eliminated, all you have to do is fill and seal your product; the technology also allows for quickly changing the label design
  • IML saves your money – one-step production process eliminates a need for storing undecorated containers, thus lowering warehousing and logistics costs
  • IML enhances your brand value – your products gain a more premium look compared to screen printing or pressure-sensitive labeling 
  • IML guarantees that your product is genuine. You can be sure that the package contains the genuine contents. IML protects your products from counterfeiting. 
  • IML is a form of prolonged advertising of your company and brand as IML containers are often reused by consumers.