Shrink sleeve labels for beverages

Shrink sleeve labeling allows for virtually unlimited marketing exposure with a 360-degree attractive look. The entire container’s surface can be printed in many colors, also providing space for a multitude of additional information – be it coupons, advertising, or any other promotional information. 
Glossy or textured surface, scratch and scuff resistant high quality print, vivid colors and general aesthetics make shrink sleeve labeled packaging a perfect solution to differentiate and distinguish your products.

At Masterpress, heat shrink films are selected for each project individually while developing the projects based on the required production line efficiencies, as well as those requiring high-end visual and tactile solutions. By taking advantage of hybrid printing, we obtain exceptional results in non-standard decorative labels, special effects, efficient application, brand protection, and print quality. We offer eco-friendly solutions protecting products from UV light. The raw materials that we use come from the most reputable and certified suppliers and are meticulously selected according to the needs of our clients. The shrink sleeve labels we provide are of uncompromising quality and always delivered on time.