The QR Codes – Revival


The new life of QR codes

Technological progress is best mirrored by the growing efficiency and new functions available in your smartphone. This process has specifically sparked a “revival” of QR codes, since the majority of new phone models now have the capability to detect and read QR codes automatically with its standard camera app. All you need to do is unblock your device, switch on the camera, and point it at a QR code. No need to download or install additional apps.

Nowadays, taking a photo or recording a video at any time is something that we take for granted. However, this convenience has also turned out to be the solution to the problem which cramped the popularity and marketing potential of QR codes.


Intelligent solutions

Placing QR codes on labels and packaging gives the product a digital identity.  By printing these codes with a digital press, a brand can each individual label a unique digital ID as a connecting point to the web.  The unique and dynamic QR codes make it possible to change destination addresses and other Code functionality at any time without having to reprint the Codes themselves, allowing brands to deliver different content and customer experiences all from the same code without reprinting.

Each time a code is scanned, a cloud-based data management platform can recognize when and where it took place providing brand owners with real-time statistics on consumer behaviors. These interactions capture data for CRM, can help marketers improve their campaigns, and gives full lifecycle visibility and traceability of the product.

Using QR codes is an excellent way for the brand to engage with the consumer and providing more information than what is on the package. Here is a short list of examples on how QR codes can add value.

information on how the packaging should be recycled – Create a virtual guidance on how to utilise the packaging in the environment-friendly manner.

serialising products – Provide full traceability of each and every product piece on the market, both for marketing purposes and to ensure the product’s safety. Additionally, the consumer gets the possibility to effortlessly check the origin of a particular product.

brand protection – Secure the product against counterfeiting.

personalisation – Launch personalised marketing campaigns.

communication of loyalty programmes – Encourage consumers to participate in loyalty programmes, social networks, contests and other forms of involving consumers to increase integration with the brand.

track and trace – By using unique QR codes, trace the product’s route from the moment it is manufactured, through its transportation and distribution network, until it is purchased.


Make your packaging speak

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